GENT Series, produced with a special proofing method, is an ideal option for those looking for luxury and elegance. These furniture combine both functionality and aesthetics, allowing you to transform your bathroom into a high-quality space. The GENT Series is the perfect choice for a luxurious bathroom experience and will completely change the ambiance of your bathroom.


The blending of curved handle details with a streamlined aesthetic offers a striking yet softer approach to contemporary and minimalist trends. The series creates user-specific alternatives with different sizes, color options and various washbasin options with having a simple and modern line


A striking and stylish series with integrated handles designed with a minimalist and contemporary look. Straight lines, wide-use drawers and lacquered surfaces bring together a pure and clean design. This modern style creates the perfect option for capturing a visual appeal in a minimum of space.


The Royal Series, which captures current design trends and integrates the linear design lines of modern times with many colors and models, has an approach that prioritizes function with aesthetic concern. Royal Series, which is in a modern line with its large storage areas, current color series and linear details, provides the opportunity to create sparkling spaces.


Toledo Series is created as a new interpretation of modern forms for your bathrooms with its self-handled white lacquered covers and wooden detailed bodies. Products that increase storage areas with their complementary upper cabinets purify them from classical lines with integrated washbasins and color options.


Mobelco Series helps you to capture a modern bathroom design with its framed style and clear appearance. Capturing the modern interpretation of classical style with aged metal handles integrated into its symmetrical design, this series enables Bright bathrooms to be designed.


The rectangular line in the Woodline Series design stands out with the combination of acrylic lacquer in different tones and pattern handles. While the integrated acrimer sinks used to provide a hygienic appearance in the bathrooms, the upper cabinets with complementary led detail maximize the storage space.


MAYA Series bathroom furniture is an ideal option for those who want to upgrade and organize the style of your bathroom. Adds value to your bathroom space with its elegant designs, durability and functionality. Facilitates your daily use and makes your bathroom aesthetically appealing either You can customize your furniture with various alternatives and add your own comments to your bathroom.


Our LINES series, designed with clear lines and textured details, has an elegant appearance. It offers a functional storage area with its a drawers. Complementary led and cabinet mirrors create a unified space in your bathrooms with storage solutions.


The Rapid Series, which will make a difference in your bathroom, will have a share in the warm appearance of the decor. This ergonomic and comfortable series that suits your needs will help you add elegance to your bathroom.