The soft-curve designed lines are coming up now with the Curved Series. Designed to save your bathroom from the usual straight lines and sharp corners, This serie contains the modern
reflections of the time.

Additionally, the Curved Series provides the opportunity to reach the curved lines, perfect lacquered surfaces and stylish images sought in bathroom cabinets.

It offers a harmony to your bathroom with the reflection of modern touches and the breeze of lines from the past. And it contains a modern interpretation of the past.

Antique style handles, metal textured details and wooden details provide you a perfect opportunity to reflect your desired style with the bathroom cabinets in the Retro Series.

This series combine the approach prioritizes aesthetics and function, integrating
contemporary design-trends and the linear design lines of modern times with various colors and models.

The Bathroom cabinets in Modern Series will add your spaces
functionality, high storage capacity, sparkling color options and soft touch details.