Badella Bathroom Equipment, which has been operating in the Gebze region since 2007, has managed to become one of the leading companies in the sector in a very short time by combining superior technology, trendy design, high quality and professional workmanship with its experience in the field of bathroom furniture.

The driving force behind the success of Badella Bathroom, which has taken every step in its 17-year journey with the principle of achieving the best, has been its innovative vision, reliability and originality.

Badella, which strives to interpret modern and innovative designs, develops all its collections by its own designers by adopting the principles of trend, ergonomics and functionality.

Taking different needs and tastes into consideration with its universal design approach, Badella Bathroom appeals to all age groups with the solutions it develops.

Transforming bathrooms into comfortable, ergonomic and enjoyable living spaces, Badella Bathroom continues its production today with an annual capacity of 240,000 modules in a 10,000 m² closed area in the Gebze region, with a machinery park and production line meeting European standards.

Badella Bathroom contributes to the economy by exporting 65% of its production to 45 countries in the Americas, Asia and Africa, mostly in Europe. It brings 35% of its products to end users through a network of more than 80 dealers in the country.

Badella Bathroom has created its strategy of meeting the demand for personalized products with high quality through our products and shipping them to you in the fastest way.

Our focus is to start your day better…

Our vision,

Being a Leading Company, with its entire structure, it provides solutions to the Bathroom Furniture Questions of Customers and Badella Employees.

To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction by producing the BEST quality beyond expectations.

What makes Badella different from others is to be a company that is sensitive, reliable and respectful towards its employees, the environment, all dynamics and segments.

To open the way for innovative thinking on a large scale, to encourage continuous development and to discover brand new ideas.

Accepting the mistakes we might make, learning from them, and preventing them.

Processing data in accordance with certain rules and ensuring that information is measurable and accessible.

Being open to continuous improvement and preparing for the future as a team.

To prepare suitable environments for our teammates to achieve their goals.

To follow the technology related to our work, to facilitate its operation and to ensure transparency.

To follow the decisions taken, to help their implementation and to find solutions to the obstacles encountered.

Adopting teamwork and acting with collective intelligence.

Knowing that time is the most valuable capital and ensuring that it is used efficiently.

Recognizing the big picture in every situation and ensuring that the entire team believes in the vision for the future.

To ensure that our colleagues are competent, responsible and have a corporate culture.

Always adopt a positive and solution-oriented approach in communication.

To provide customers with the opportunity to customize their own bathrooms and adapt them to their needs through the supermarket system.

Our biggest source of inspiration is to ensure that you start the day happily in the bathrooms, which are the first place you start your day when you wake up in the morning.

Our Mission,

With our desire to bring a new understanding to bathrooms by basing the difference on real demands, we work for and with our customers to offer preferable solutions from variable areas and activities, using our own style and design-based production.

It aims to always stand by its customers and produce environmentally and human-friendly products with its short delivery time, quality products and after-sales services.

To raise awareness in bathroom furniture production by offering a variety of product choices to customers through the supermarket system and giving short deadlines.

Sales Policy​

The basic Corporate Principle of Badella Sales Policy is to ensure that all our business partners, suppliers, dealers, users who prefer our products, and even our employees say “I am happy that I chose Badella”.This synergy is to meet the quality, service, right price and on-time delivery expectations of everyone who chooses our products.